RebelDot to be a remote-first company until 2022.

RebelDot Work From Home

After 5 months of conducting client meetings from that one spot in the balcony where the light hits differently, of countless mornings jumping from the bed straight to writing code, and of dozens of calls joyfully interrupted by our kids playing in the background, we now settled on a decision.

As of today, RebelDot will pursue a Home-First policy for the upcoming year. We chose to make this important step forward consequently to a series of internal discussions and diligent analysis of the current context. Doing so, we are confident that this will impact our long-term growth, utilising the ongoing conditions as an opportunity to get dynamic and reinvent the way we work.

With our current rebel network widely spread across Romania and Northern Europe, our main offices in Cluj-Napoca and Oradea are now spaces where we meet to take the edge off a challenging project by dining together, playing team-building games, or having casual conversations.

RebelDot Office Building

As we prioritize employee engagement and well-being, our People and Culture department is now significantly busier. Getting onboard no less than 15 people since March and with 6 current open positions, we take the time to make each of our team members feel part of a fun and diverse group of friends who happen to deliver awesome digital products together.

Having shipped home-office set-ups in 15 different locations around Romania, it is needless to say that we had our people transform what were once warm corners of their homes into small yellow spaces where some of our client’s biggest ideas take shape.

RebelDot remote

Here is to the next months of working from home, to the wonderful mornings sipping our coffee together on Slack, and to the many more awesome digital products that we will get to work on.

For a much more detailed look into how each of us are dealing with working from home, the perks and challenges that come with it, you can read our article about the Life in our Rebel homes.

If this snippet into our culture got you excited about the idea of being part of our team, you can always check the opportunities that we have available! 

Tudor Ciuleanu

Tudor Ciuleanu

My main focus now is RebelDot, a software development company offering strategic and technical leadership, consultancy and software development services to projects in all stages. Although we are involved in some enterprise projects, partnering up and taking projects from the idea stage to launch is what gives us the most pride.

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