Working at RebelDot is about team, care and growth.

The Rebel Spirit

We are Rebels because we redefine the meaning of rebel. Having the Rebel Spirit means living day by day by our core values. It means caring about the people around you and their development, challenging the patterns and seeking innovative solutions, bringing all you have best on the table for building a society based on fair relations. It means cherishing the power of togetherness and doing your work because you find meaning in it. Being a Rebel is not about being stubborn and using it as an excuse to justify your negative behavior; it's about unity, trust and care. It's about the power of us.

Our Values

We know that the word "values" has been overused and that for many of us, it became just a cliché word. However, at RebelDot we have started backwards: we've started doing things based on the type of feeling and culture we wanted to have inside the company, and we ended up by giving them a name, an etiquette. People call them values, we call them Our North, our way of doing things. There are these 5 words that guide us and our actions with all the stakeholders. For us, they are not just words; they are our way of doing things.


We don’t do what we do just for the sake of it. We do things that matter for us or that bring us closer to our personal and professional goals.


Knowing that at the end of each Rebel day we are better people, better professionals, better colleagues.


We care about each other, about making our clients’ dreams come true, about making an impact through technology.


We are all in this together. Together as colleagues, as partners, as society, as human beings. We believe in the power of unity instead of the power of individuality.


As Rebels, we take things seriously but don’t take ourselves too seriously

Perks of being a RebelDot


Did the word "cliché" just pop in your mind? No problem. It happens to us also when talking about overused words. But how does flexibility really apply in the things that we do? Not only that we have a really cool working schedule and an unlimited holidays policy, but we also have a flexible approach when it comes to technology and projects. Our vision is to turn technology into an asset for every business, but in an ever-changing industry, we simply cannot do that, unless we keep on being open and agile.


RebelDot is not that type of company with a very strict hierarchy. It's a company where the CEO is sitting with you at the table during lunch and helps you move your stuff around if you need help. The place where you can have a good laugh over a cup of coffee on a Monday morning or during our weekly company meetings. Having that startup feeling mixed with a strong knowledge base allows us to have a fast decision process.


Our people are the heart of our business. We know it might sound cheesy, but it's true. This is reflected in how we make our decisions and the way we pay attention to every small detail. Spending 3 weeks and buying 96 different, personalized, Christmas gifts for each and one of us might give you an idea about what we are talking about.

Growth mindset

We must confess: being part of our team is challenging. Challenging because you are more than your JD. You are able to make yourself part of the big picture and try new things out. Curious what your colleague is doing on another project? Interested in learning new technology? Just let us know, and we are open to finding the best solutions for your development.

Working at RebelDot is about team, care and growth.

“Working at RebelDot is
the best decision
I ever made.”

Ionut Doe - Designer at RebelDot

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