Yet another 2019 in review!
Only this time it’s a Rebel (Dot) one.

2019 was busy, hustling and in a complete manner, uneven. It had its bright highs and lows, and as sudden as it all was, we had our spoonful of learning opportunities we are more than grateful for. Here’s what we are most proud of, and we want to thank you for it!

We turned one!

This years’ July the 2nd marked one year since we acquired the services division of Imprezzio Global and became one Rebel, web and mobile development company

If you are not familiar with our story, this is the very short version of it:

We celebrate this moment as it gave us the opportunity to bring more innovation within our digital creative spaces. Questioning everything we have done so far and most importantly, the way we have done it, we were able to adapt to new processes, perfecting our way of building digital products.

Teambuilding Fain.

Before getting into the details of this one we’ll make sure you understand the meaning of the word fain (pronounced exactly like the English “fine”). It is a word often used in Cluj, Transylvania, describing something that is nice or cool.

This summer we had our team building in the mountains. It was the optimal opportunity to reconnect with nature, relax ad rewind. We honestly think that a few photos would best describe the amazing time we spent there, so here are just a few:

Redefining what it means to be a Rebel (Dot).

2019 made us question what we believed to be true about ourselves. It placed us in a zero zone from where we were free to march towards discovering our genuine self. We called on help and boarded on a trip to discovering our Rebel values. We found out that we believe in the power of togetherness, and when we say together, we count you in the mix. Care, growth, fulfillment and fun are the other building blocks of what we do at RebelDot.

Our values chart. Which one of them do you most resonate with?

Oh, wait! Did we double in size?

Growing in experience meant growing in size as well. Since we love a good tech riddle, we couldn’t help it but grasp the opportunity of getting more tech experience, through building digital products from a wide array of industries. In doing so, we needed more exceptional people to join us. We doubled in size, adopting 19 new rebels. We could not have done it without the skilled hands and brilliant minds of the people in our team. This is our #kudos to them!

More work? This just meant more amazing web and mobile apps to build!

Looking back, 2019 was a year in which we diversified our portfolio, strengthened our relationships with our partners and perfected our approach to building digital products. We doubled in size, reaching a number of 60 amazingly creative people and managed to cover software development for startups, medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies all around the world.

Today, we handle more projects, from even more industries and we are challenging our creativity and innovative thinking more than ever before.

We love our craft, love the people we work with and treasure every challenge that gets us closer to a new technology breakthrough

UNL Global is just one of our many favourite projects that happened this year. Having started from a paper sketch, they trusted us with our expertise and our UX-first approach to building web and mobile apps. Thus, the amazing result, proving once again that alignment in values and understanding is essential when starting a collaboration with a client.

Curious to know more about what we have built in the past year? You can always check the reviews of our clients, on Clutch.

Opening a new office, this time in Copenhagen, Denmark

You already know we love traveling, and even more, we love our Rebel people overseas. We wanted to be closer to our clients and the tech community in Copenhagen, so we opened a new office right there, in the heart of the Scandinavian way of living we are fond of. Do we have other expansion plans for 2020? Oh, yes!

We launched Visidot App, our internal digital product.

It all started with wanting to create a digital product that would help us log our dear office visitors faster and in a completely digital manner. Today, Visidot helps office building administrators keep evidence of their visitors.

Curious to know more about our internal product? Find out more, here.Here’s a short sneak peek on how VisidotApp works.

Did you spot the Rebels? London, Singapore, LA & Miami were our hottest travelling locations this year!

Did someone say travel? This year we made sure to meet all of our partners across the borders and check the pulse of the global tech community. If we were to get through all the locations we have visited this year, it would take you a few cups of coffee to read through all of them, so here is our shortlist.

Ending the year with the most epic Jungle (Re) Bell Christmas Party.

We love a good party! And even more, we love a themed party! Thanks to our great employer branding team, this year we managed to break any rule of Christmas party themes that might be out there. It wasn’t a retro party, it wasn’t an ugly sweater Christmas party, not even a Grinch party but a Jungle (Re) bell Christmas party!

We treasure our little Rebels, so we had to make sure Santa passes by our office to give them some really special presents. Here’s a snapshot from our kids Christmas party

Now that’s a wrap! 2019 was a full year, and in 2020 we are up to some great stuff as well! Make sure you know about it before we write our next year in review. Spot the rebels on FacebookInstagramLinkedin and Twitter.

🚀Did we convince you that doubling in size did not make us less fun? Reach out and let’s talk about building your awesome digital product. Make sure you, and we will get back to you in no time.

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Andreea Pop

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