About us

The best software engineering team to develop your digital product.

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We are rebels in thinking and rigorous in execution.

Being Rebels is something that always suits us well. Back in 2008 was the first moment when the rebel within raised up, the moment when we decided to open the Services Division for our mother company. Since then, there were 10 years during which we’ve nurtured our passion for technology by offering end to end software solutions for our clients. In 2018, a new adventure begins for the Services Team under the name RebelDot, a name that describes us perfectly. Rebels with good manners, rebels that you can trust.

“They've been extremely supportive of the business. We wouldn't be where we are without them.”

Neil Patrick
Co-founder & CEO, Samba Networks

Our Values

Your idea matters, and our work is meant to make the difference.​

Our Mission

We create value through technology within honest partnerships.

Our Vision

A thriving society built on fair relations.

Our Promise

To lead the line and to deliver the best experience for our clients.

Our Essence

We are that perfect-imperfect mix of knowledge, passion and commitment.

Our Vibe

When you meet one of ours you instantly feel in the right place. Cool people, flexible environment and solution-oriented mindset.

Our Work

As software development ‘rebels’, we often propose innovative solutions – then lead the way. By staying true to our creativity, we stay relevant for clients in more than 15 industries worldwide.

Our Team

We are passionate technophiles, active lifestyle advocates, party people. We are introverts and extroverts, courageous and fearless, men and women, cool dads and cool moms.

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