Hello, We are RebelDot.

We build awesome digital products
by going UX first!

Why we go UX first?

Because we care about:

Your investment
Start with the foundation
not with the roof.
Your time
Quick time to market
with a validated idea.
Your idea
Build a product people will
use, enjoy and recommend.

Don’t jump into development phase! There is a better way!

Why you should go UX first:

Fast validation for
your idea
Sell your idea with a
cost effective prototype
Deliver the best
user experience

From idea to prototype.

The iterative process of user experience:

Case Studies

Samba networks

Desktop/Mobile App

Samba re-defines advertising for mobile.

Services provided:

Lautec Apps

Web App

Platform for project progress reporting systems for offshore wind projects.

Services provided:


Desktop App

Platform that enables menu sharing.

Services provided:


Desktop App

Software that provides the ability to create an customized app.

Services provided:

The Hobby Hut

Mobile App

Social Media App.

Services provided:


Web App - business platform

Productivity tool to manage the entire process from idea to validation.

Services provided:

Still not sure that design first is the way to go?

Check out our client's experiences:

“The prototype was
critical in gathering funding for beta development. Respectful and communicative, RebelDot has fostered a collaborative partnership. Their design and UI work has garnered significant positive feedback from early testers.”

Hamish LyonsFounder - Recre8tion Media

“RebelDot provides for all our technology needs including the complete tech stack, technology builds, and new product development. They developed both of our core products based on our requirements. They've been extremely supportive of the business. We wouldn't be where we are without them. There's absolutely no doubt about that.”

Neil PatrickCo-Founder - Samba Networks

“Although my experience in developing complex apps is extensive, together with the RebelDot UX team, I understood new dimensions of this experience. At every work session I was fascinated by the collaboration with them. Their professionalism, passion and enthusiasm generated the creative energy needed to develop my project from an abstract idea to a carefully crafted application towards the user’s experience.”

George NaghiuFounder - Growtech

“Their team develops software products that are impactful and effective. Their dedication and flexibility enable them to manage several projects simultaneously. Using a collaborative and transparent approach, RebelDot ensures that development processes run smoothly and efficiently.”

Anders PihlkjaerCEO - Lautec

“I have worked with RebelDot on many projects as CTO of Pivot Sports since 2016. The team is super focussed and provides value add both in terms of product design and development. They are active contributors to all phases of product development. The team is very hard working and their work ethic is great. The team is super flexible and able to commit to tight deadlines in a dynamic start-up environment, that helps us meet our client’s deadlines. ”

Atul KailaCTO - Pivot Sports

Meet our UX team:

Hi there! I’m Cosmin – some call me the Outboxer, because I always come up with creative ideas. From my 4 years’ experience, I can help you and your idea by giving my best and offering my skills (Graphic Design, UI Design, Industrial Design and so on) to your service. Let’s make some magic!
Hi! Tom here. My 10 years’ experience in UX/UI gives me the confidence that I can put my skills at work for you, so we can create a lovable product. My list of expertise is extended but not limited to: Design Thinking, Journey Mapping, Usability Testing and Responsive Design in industries like Financial, Customer Service and B2B apps. I’m here to challenge your idea and to make the best out of it.
Hi, I’m Andrei! My passion for design made me work in this industry for the past 8 years. I’ve got in my pocket different skills that allow me to offer the best services for our clients. From Design Thinking and Systems, Wireframing, Prototyping to Product Design and Responsive Design I’m here for you and your idea. I take my work personally, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Your idea is in good hands.
Hi, I’m Elisei and I’m here to make your idea reality. For the past 5 years I brought ideas to life in various industries: from HR, Marketing, Medical to Offshore Wind by mixing my passion for design and self-discipline with my technical knowledge (UI design, Prototyping, HTML coding in PHP, .NET MVC and so on). Can’t wait to get to know you!

About us

We are UX-UI design and software development company with more than 10 years of experience in working with startup projects.

During these years, we built and refined our process to deliver the best experience. Our team will guide you through every step from the beginning of the project to the end.

Blockchain Development
& Machine Learning
Web & Mobile

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