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A process with your users in mind

People choose to partner with us because of our passion, because they feel like they have their technical team without worrying about recruitment, knowledge, and expertise. Because we adapt to complex situations while supporting their vision and we are critical about our own work. Our client’s words, not ours.

What to expect


Your current challenges, the expectations and needs of your primary users, as well as your business & growth plan are all important aspects of how we end up engineering your product.


The success of your business revolves around the happiness of your clients. That’s why your user’s experience should feel like the entire product has been tailored to meet their needs in the most precise way.


The development team begins working with the product testing team, transforming sketches, flows, and prototypes into functionalities.


Launching the first version of your digital product on the market is just the first step of our journey together. While you’re minding the strategic growth of your business, our development and design work never really stops.


We should have convinced you that everything we do is about your users. Because that’s where growth and credibility from investors lie. While your marketing team is nailing the go-to-market strategy, we are here to make sure we understand.



We have made transparency the cornerstone of everything we do. Because we believe that nothing can truly flourish without relationships that are built on fairness, transparency, and authenticity.


Almost everyone can throw in a few lines of code. We’re here to make sure that we are actively contributing to the growth of your business, being your consultants every step of the way.


The product team at RebelDot is an extension of your team. We work to understand your business vision and help you achieve your goals through collaboration and communication.


We’re a bunch of people that are passionate about their craft. As a cross-functional team, you have the assurance that every aspect of your digital product is taken care of by the right specialist and access to knowledge gathered in more than 14 years of business.

Full product development services

The product team at RebelDot is an extension of your team. We work to understand your business vision and help you achieve your goals through collaboration and communication.

A first step in building your digital product. This is where we explore the most valued features, request feedback and shape overall goals together (understanding your business needs, users’ behaviors, and the opportunity your product creates.)
An iterative process that will shape your digital product, adopting a strategic approach to UX & UI design, from product strategy to each individual screen. Real-time user feedback will be leveraged to deliver an intuitive & flawless experience/achieve product-market fit faster.
Bring your design sketches to life and develop high-performance scalable desktop and mobile apps that connect people and drive meaningful outcomes for business.
Our collaboration doesn’t stop at the much-awaited launch. Our customer experience experts will offer post-launch monitoring 24/7, so you can generate improvement insights, increase adoption rates and manage the reputation of your newly released products.
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