Software Development Process

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From idea to a fully functional product. Your expectations design our process.
Software development process - Rebeldot

End-to-end software development process


Soon into the process, your idea becomes a prototype. The UX/UI design phase gives you a mock-up to test, to gather feedback and validate your concept. Validation at this stage pays off later down the road. For instance, reconfiguring a feature of the prototype may cost you two hours, while making the same changes in the development phase may cost you one week. Thus, software engineers work a high level of certainty when it comes to the value built into the features. A wise financial decision on your part.

For the entire lifecycle of the product, Agile Methodology establishes our framework. You can meet with the team for biweekly planning, retrospective meetings, daily progress check-ups, monthly meetings for roadmap updates and resources planning. Scrum offers by design progress visibility and transparency. 

You know your data is secure; you are certain of the high-quality standards because RebelDot is an ISO 9001:2015, 27001:2018 certified company.

Product discovery

You have the first word; you tell us what your vision is, your business goals, every component of the project. Our task is to listen. If you come in with a clearly shaped idea, our responsibility is to ask challenging questions, to push for details and unplanned scenarios. If your idea still needs clarity and details, we ask expert questions, offer knowledgeable suggestions until you picture a clearly defined concept with specific details. We become your team.

We start working on the estimates based on elements we agree on. We make calculations of all resources needed. Now, you have your estimate with all options in front of you: visibility and predictability of costs. You see our commitment to your success, from the very beginning.

From the beginning of the project we assemble a cross functional team that will work side by side through the entire process.

Agile Methodology for startups

UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design Phase should be the mandatory first step in the process of building new products. This approach saves you money. For more than 10 years, we have worked with numerous clients and developed various products. Our experience has proven time and again that this approach can have a major impact on the overall financial investment of our clients.

With UX, you gain clarity and a deeper understanding of your users and their specific needs. Your concept is fine-tuned to answer market needs. 

Your refined concept develops into a prototype. This is decisive when we get into the MVP phase. With a prototype validated by end-user’s development costs are much reduced. 

Step by step you see how your product is taking shape going through research, UX design, prototype, validation, and UI design.

For the UX/UI design phase UX experts collaborate with the technical lead or architect to safeguard your expectations for the project, to asses risks and feasibility and to adjust for a cost effective approach. 

MVP Development

The UX/UI phase replaces the conventional requirement gathering process, inefficient approach. More than that, it reveals a more clear and specific view of the key features that answer real users’ needs and the product’s functionality. 

Your prototype, validated by end users, determines the foundation of the Minimum Viable Product.

Software engineers begin the work on the setup: the architecture, infrastructure, and other technical aspects. Next, the MVP kick off meeting – planning and prioritizing the first sprint. The fun begins. While we carry out the technical part, you can devote more time for the business development side of the product. Our daily, biweekly, and monthly meetings encourage your involvement or a product owner’s. You monitor the advancement of your product, in real time. You are aware of challenges we encounter and solutions we propose. Together, we decide which options fit your product.

In this phase, we already deliver to your customers a complete experience backed by quality code, relevant user experience and an eye pleasing design. Now, you have a working version of the product. And this is just the beginning. Wait till you see the full product. 

Full Product Development

In this phase you have all the information needed to build your fully functional product. 

After you test the market, you come back with feedback from your actual customers and your other stakeholders; with analytical information to enhance your product and with realistic improvement ideas that will make your product a frontrunner. And we are here to listen. We enter an extensive phase of continuous refinement and adjustment.

Release, Maintenance and Support

You receive a live demo of the component we work on, every two weeks. You gain complete visibility into the progress that leads to the final product. You benefit from frequent, gradual release of segments of your product, at the end of each development iteration. 

When your product is ready for release, we are there to make it happen.

You will see how your product begins working for you. And we are still your team. We accompany you all the way by offering maintenance and support services. We monitor the application and its environment; back-up data periodically, update software and hardware to ensure the product works properly after the product is in use.

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