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RebelDot is officially one of the ‘Best places to work’

RebelDot best places to work

Whenever a question arises at RebelDot that gives us a headache and puts us on a riddle, we ask ourselves, “Is it aligned with our values?”. To put it simply, what’s the obvious choice that reflects our belief system—does it bring us fulfillment, does it support our growth, is it a together kind of deal, is it fun, or does it show care? If it checks one, more, or all the boxes, then it’s right for us.

This mentality has sketched a culture we’re immensely proud of and highly committed to maintaining. It has created a community of Rebels that question, analyze, and rethink the box completely, as we have the necessary tools and support to feel empowered.

And it brought us victories like this: having outside eyes notice your team’s hard work.

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve recently received our certification as one of the ‘Best places to work’ in 2023.

The certification program awards organizations offering the best working environment and aims to recognize companies that stand out in their industries as employers of choice. We’ve went through a thorough two-part audit, a People&Culture extensive assessment meant to gather all information about the company’s practices, and individual surveying of all our colleagues that explored topics such as our colleague’s experiences, our culture, People&Culture policies, career paths, team relationships, compensation, and benefits.

We surpassed this audit with an overall high score of 90%. This is a great indicator that we’re on the right track and that what we’ve built so far inside our Rebel community has a strong foundation, ideal to support growth.
Iulia Pop Chief People Officer RebelDot
Iulia PopChief People Officer RebelDot

RebelDot employer brand


We’ve also received outstanding scores across several aspects of our workplace, such as endorsement of our leadership, talent strategy, culture, social responsibility, and team relationships resulting in our recognition among the best employers of choice in Romania.

Obtaining this certification of being one of Romania’s Best Places to Work was quite the process, but we made it through with such a big result! Reading everyone’s review of the company and their experience within the team was great, insightful, and thought-provoking. We’re not perfect, that’s true, and we never claim to be, but it’s clear as day that we all put our efforts into gathering feedback, openly listening, and taking action where the action is due to make things smooth. And this is something heard and seen by everyone; that’s the real achievement, creating a culture based on transparency and feedback.
Flavia Mocan Employer Branding Strategist RebelDot
Flavia MocanEmployer Branding Strategist RebelDot

We are extremely proud of this achievement and will strive to continually improve our practices, adapt, and stay true to our core values. We’re grateful for every Rebel that joins us, leaves their mark, and makes us better through perpetuating our culture of feedback and being actively involved. Thank you to every Rebel that makes us a truly unique bunch.

Dragos Cojocea

Dragos Cojocea

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