Hello, it’s RebelDot!
Rebel as in unconventional and Dot, as in precise.
Whether we talk web or mobile development, our aim is to
build custom software that responds to real business needs.


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Our way of building web and mobile apps


This is the cornerstone of what we do, really. We know that everything we have built so far lays on the strong foundation of relationships, and we wish to keep it like this. We want you proactively involved in all aspects regarding your project, questioning and challenging our approach on a constant base.


Our team is our main asset, and when we say team, we count you in the mix. We’re not the typical outsourcing company. We join forces with you and wish to work as one.


Everyone can throw in a few lines of code. We do web development by following an agile methodology, dosing work in one or two-week sprints. Our team is cross-functional, meaning that every aspect of your web app is carefully assessed by the right set of skills.


Our secret is no secret. We put passion and a little bit of elbow grease in everything we do.


We meet and we talk. We ask all those hand-picked, strategic questions about you and the web app you want to build. You might find this phase to be overly done in some cases. It’s because before getting to doing, we walk that extra mile to understand the experience you wish to create for your users.

We start with your pen & paper sketches, slowly gathering data and building towards a prototype. Our UX experts will take you through a process of user discovery and interaction, making sure to challenge every aspect of your web application.

Mixing and matching data with creative insight, we craft outstanding user experiences. The look and feel of your web application should delight users while making their lives easier, happier and all that jazz.

We intend to start doing as quickly as possible. However, in our 10 years of existence, we have learned that a well-developed MVP will save you a bunch of money. So before getting every cool feature translated into code, we make sure to test the market and help you collect viable feedback from your users.

We write high-quality code that prioritizes reliability, scalability and performance, then get ready for the big launch. We know that product development does not end after launch, so don’t worry, we’ll be here to readjust, refine and refresh your digital product on its way to success.

We know that product development does not end after launch. It’s why we will be here, making sure that your app thrives on the market.

We’ve been in the business of creating unforgettable experiences for people like you, for more than a decade.

Take a look at our work and get in touch. Better yet, come by for a coffee! It’s on the house.

UNL ://

UNL is a micro-location technology for addressing, navigation and location-based services

“The holiday was great, but I must say yesterday’s demo was a great welcome back gift.” 

Pascal Verloop, COO at UNL


Alphatech is a mobile app builder that let’s you implement your idea without coding knowledge

“Their team is professional and gets the job done. They have good people on staff.”

Lorin Morar, CEO and Founder of Alphatech


Samba re-defines advertising for mobile, delivering better engagement stats for brands, better yields for publishers and more choice for viewers of brand advertising.

“They’ve been extremely supportive of the business. We wouldn’t be where we are without them. There’s absolutely no doubt about that.” 

Neil Patrick, Co-Founder & CEO

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Finding an upscale travel apartment in the world’s best downtown neighborhoods 

“They’re very adaptable. They have a broad range of knowledge and they’ve worked with our system before. Theirability to adapt to our business requests isoutstanding.” 

Product Owner at Stay Alfred

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