The Bridge

Helps the world’s leading investors and funds find and engage with innovative projects and companies raising capital.

The Project

Launched in July 2020, The Bridge allows innovative projects and companies raising capital to connect with the world of institutional investment in over 70 countries. Owned by The Private Investment Group, the application offers
investors from Sovereign Wealth Funds, Private Equity Funds, Single and Multi-Family Offices, Hedge Funds, U/HNWI, VC Funds, and Investment Banks the possibility to connect in the online environment with startups all over the world.

The Private Investment Groups works in partnership with the governments from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Saudi Arabia.

Financial Investments

Business Analysis & Tech Advisory

UX/UI Design

Mobile App Development


The Challenge

The Private Investment Group wanted to offer a new and easy way for startups and investors to connect and start building new partnerships in the online environment.
The goal behind the application is to allow investors around the world to find and get in contact with projects and companies seeking investment.
The platform offers startups the possibility to showcase their projects in order to earn investors’ attention using different presentation materials like White papers, Video presentations, Executive summaries, and other similar materials.

Our Approach

From the idea stage, we guided our client in gathering requirements and details needed to build a meaningful experience for the users and the investors, as well as the companies looking for investment.

The development process started with a Discovery Phase where, through expert questions and knowledgeable suggestions , we obtained a clear understanding of the project, target audience, users’ goals, business goals, technological constraints, quality requirements, functional and non-functional requirements.
Together with the client, we brainstormed use cases of the product, mapping out challenges, problems and unplanned scenarios.
The roadmap of the application was also agreed in the first discussions with the client.

“Once we agreed terms, we began with full briefing meetings and also to meet all members of the team. This was followed by in-depth UI/UX meetings to establish the goals.”

Alistair Lidel, CEO, The Private Investment Group.

UX/UI Design

After understanding in depth the client’s vision and the customers of the application, we started working on different use cases, making sure to incorporate all the vital elements to offer a seamless and rewarding experience. After mapping out the journey of each user, we had the first wireframes presented to the client. Once the feedback and refinements, we built the prototype.

MVP development

In the first functional version, the MVP, our focus went on building an application easy to use, offering the clients the proper set-up to a smooth profile registration process.
The application offers the capabilities for every startup to customize the way they showcase their project using different marketing materials formats. They can upload White Papers, One-pagers, Executive summaries, Term Sheets and Videos.
On the investors side, they can filter and refine projects by industry, stage, ticket size and country. They also have the possibility to view whitepapers, executive summaries and open discussions with projects from over 70 countries and to choose favourite projects.

Launch and maintenance

Launched in July 2020, both versions of the application can be downloaded from App Store and Google Store.

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