Telemedicine app

DRD – A digital product that brings together the functions of a doctor search platform and a telemedicine app.

The Project

This idea came to life in 2017 when the two founders realized the importance of fast and easy access to doctors and the need of support in choosing the right doctor for the course of treatment.

Soon they began developing a platform to function as the first point of contact for patients with medical questions, offering them the chance to get immediate assistance via video consultations with registered specialists.

Services provided:

Mobile Development

Quality Assurance

Launch and Maintenance

DRD telemedicine mobile app

The Challenge

The DRD team reached us in 2020 to carry on their development efforts. The problem was that the current app’s architecture did not support any scalability.

The long-term plan was to recycle the old solution and develop a new architecture that supported further scalability of the platform.

This implied that we had to build a new independent solution that was going to bridge the already existent one and allow the app to support more features.

The challenge was merging two different code bases into a new mobile app that would run on both iOS and Android.

telemedicine app dashboard

Our Approach

Aiming to combine the original app, stored in a separate repository, with our new solution placed in a different one, we have used Git Submodules.

This allowed our developers to refer the repository developed by us, and integrate our new architecture into the existent project.

Doing so, any time a new feature was proposed, we simply had to get the latest changes from Git submodules, as they were coupled in Git. This was how we managed to merge the two solutions and reach a final encompassing product.


telemedicine app

Full Product Development

On top of the pre-existent architecture, our team composed of one team Lead and two developers created a new module from scratch with an architecture that used Graph Ql.

Using this new query language for the DRD APIs, provided users the power to ask for exactly what they need, making it easier to evolve APIs over time and enabling powerful developer tools.

Essentially, the advantage of this new architecture was that the DRD team could implement more features to their telemedicine app faster.

The following functions were implemented as part of the initial iterations:

  • Instant prescription
  • Referral to a specialist
  • Specialist search – all specialists in Austria
  • Easy appointment function – ability to see doctor’s calendar in real-time and opt for the best consultation time.
  • Confidential video consultation with Austrian doctors

In terms of Tech Stack, we have used PostGress, React Native, and Graph QL, as well as Hassura which was used to reduce development time and define our own permissions & flows.

telemedicine app mobile development

Launch and maintenance

The collaboration with DRD Medical started in 2020 and it is ongoing. You can find the app on the AppStore or Android’s Google Play.

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