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Recomedica – instantaneous expert medical advice into your hands.

The Project

Recomedica is an online medical platform, a telehealth app launched in November 2019, that brings specialized medical support to every user as close as possible. 

With more than 350 specialized medical professionals under the same umbrella and growing, Recomedica provides medical advice and recommendations to users posting an average of 300 requests daily. 

The goal of the platform is to help patients get the optimal medical advice, receive guidance and connect with doctors and healthcare professionals worldwide.  


Services provided:

Business Analysis & Tech Advisory

Product Design

Mobile App Development

Launch and Maintenance

Recomedica Telehealth app

The Challenge

Two years later, in 2021, the Recomedica team acknowledged the need for a medical app that would ease the process of requesting medical help.

They contracted us to develop this telehealth mobile app so that patients could receive both diagnosis and vetted medical advice directly into their hands. 

The challenge of this project was developing a relatively complex set of features within a limited time frame, as well as assuming Full Product Ownership throughout the entire end-to-end development process.

Our Approach

We did so by pursuing an Agile approach and assuming full product ownership, something that we offer as part of our collaboration, but that is rather unusual since most clients act as Product Owners themselves. 

In this scenario, the collaboration was a little different and we got to be in the driver seat, so to speak. Each day, we would have to anticipate any potential blockers, carry out task management duties, ask the stakeholder key questions and commit to continuously guide the client along the entire development process.  

We got to learn the business inside out, constantly providing suggestions, optimizing workflows and anticipating boundaries to efficientize our collaboration and deliver a quality digital product in time.  

Telehealth mobile app

Mobile application development

Following the initial discussions, we have designated a team of one Lead Developer, two React Native Developers, one QA Engineer and one Delivery Manager.

Key to the development phase was setting up the continuous delivery process from as early as the very first sprint.  

We knew that, in order to reach the tight deadline, we had to set up the entire pipeline so that every build and each new feature implemented by our developers could automatically reach the stakeholders’ devices so they could provide feedback in no time and streamline the whole process.  

The main features of the mobile app were: 

  • Full Medical Profile for the user and his/her family members
  • Real-time Chat with doctors from different specialties¬†
  • Management of medical cases and files¬†
  • Medical Requests¬†

The tech stack we used for this mobile app was comprised of React Native, Redux and Node.js.

Another aspect of the development phase worth mentioning is our attempt at creating and implementing a telehealth app onboarding process, a machine learning-like algorithm as part of the main features of the platform.  

Launch and maintenance

The collaboration with Recomedica started in 2021, after obtaining their first round of financing. The app has been released in stores on the 1st of June 2021 and it is an ongoing collaboration, as more upgrades will be released in the near future.  

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