Rescue app

CERT 4×4 Rescue – a mobile app designed to help rescue teams locate and save people faster

The Project

In 2020, The CERT Transylvania Rescue team made no less than 150 rescue interventions, using 4×4 vehicles to provide support to people in adverse conditions.

In order to help them help more people, we did what we know best – develop a digital solution.

The idea behind this app was straightforward: help people make rescue calls faster and help rescuers reach people in need, as quick as possible.

Services provided:

Business Analysis & Tech Advisory

Product Design

Mobile App Development

Launch and Maintenance

rescue app dashboard

The Challenge

One challenging aspect of the app was designing a user experience that was intuitive enough to any type of user, no matter their technical literacy.

Which is why we had to come up with a truly seamless experience that allows fast navigation.

4x4 rescue car

Our Approach

Planning to hit the market as fast as possible with an MVP, we have adopted a platform to streamline our development process.

We decided to use Flutter instead of React Native or a 100% native approach, as this allowed us to save time by making use of an SDK, not having to define our own libraries.

This proved to be beneficial in terms of both product development and user interface development.

rescue and emergency mobile app developed in Flutter

Product Design

We started the design process with one insight in mind: the faster people can ask for help, the faster they can be saved and the more interventions the rescue team can make in a day.

Taking this into consideration, we engineered the app flows so that any rescue call can be done with as few taps as possible.

In terms of UI, we have used the CERT Rescue Team brand color, which was in fact a fortunate coincidence, since red is the color, most often chosen to draw attention and signify alert or warning.

Contrasting this pronounced red, our designers integrated plenty of whitespace with bulky call to action buttons, so that the information can be easily understood, and the flows can be carried out seamlessly.

The technology stack we finally went for allowed us a modularity and time to market that worked to the advantage of the stakeholders. The team used the pre-defined reusable UI elements such as buttons, text inputs, sliders, and so on to create an easy-to-use app, in less than two weeks.

rescue mobile app design in Flutter

Product development

Unlike most of our projects where we carry out a thorough problem definition process before kicking off the development stage, this one was a bit different. With the problem being right under our nose, we jumped into development as soon as we got the memo.

We knew that we wanted users to carry out the minimum of effort to reach the dispatcher and ask for help in a timely manner.

The team was formed of one delivery manager, one senior Product Designer, two Flutter developers, and one QA Engineer.

The login and account creation process was kept to a minimum. Users are requested only the telephone number and their agreement with the terms and conditions, as well as the GDPR policy.

Having the latitude and the longitude already integrated into Flutter’s geolocation service, the next interaction is sending out a request for help to the rescue team.

This request contains the exact geographical coordinates and, in order to better locate the incident, the users can attach further notes as well as pictures of the surroundings.

In the eventuality of not having any internet connection, the users have the alternative to send out a text message containing the same (fields) mentioned above. However, the limitation of this app resides in the geographical area that the rescue team covers.

Should the people request help outside this area, their request will be directed to the local authorities in that area.

rescue app development

Launch and maintenance

You can find the app available in Play Store and App Store.

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