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Lautec Q – Simple and intuitive yet powerful Quality Inspection and NCR management for all manufacturing and transportation processes.

The Project

Lautec wanted to design and develop a web and mobile application that would serve as centralized management systems for managing offshore wind farm inspections, throughout the whole end-to-end process starting from manufacturing and assembly to maintenance and periodical inspections after the offshore wind farm is up and running. The applications are developed to be used by project administrators and inspectors in their day to day quality and NCR inspection processes.

Services Provided:

Product Strategy
Technology Advisory
UX/UI design
Web App Development
Mobile App Development
Maintenance & Launch

Wind farm inspection

The Challenge

Lautec wanted to develop a system that serves as a centralised management platform for the end-to-end process of building large scale wind farms.

The aim was to engineer and design a platform tailored around the entire process of assembling large scale wind farms. This process was structured around a core set of tasks that the users had to undertake such as: creating custom report templates to be used during both online and offline inspections; generating dynamic punch lists with the complete history of inspection points for components and sub-components through manufacturing, transportation, installation and operation; the ability to examine a complete list of open points.

The system was envisioned to offer a trusted and transparent framework for Lautec’s clients to perform wind turbine inspections and assure the overall quality of the implementation of the projects in the process of building wind farms. The accuracy and consistency of data over the entire life-cycle was vital in designing and building the Lautec Quality Inspection Module.

Due to their remote localisation, offshore wind farms are network isolated. We had to come up with a solution that is independent of server conventions and reliable network coverage.

Lautec Q quality inspection app

Our Approach

Our collaboration with Lautec started in 2015, when they contacted us to develop their first product, the Daily Progress Report Module. Hence, they were already familiar with our Agile way of building digital products and relied on us to cover the entire flow of building both the web and the mobile application from idea to a fully functional product.

“Their team is professional, and they’ve been responsive throughout the partnership. RebelDot developed successful digital products that we’ve been able to sell to clients.”

Anders Greve Philkjaer, CEO of Lautec

Analysis and discovery

We started the Quality Inspection web and mobile applications development process with a deep dive into the scope of the project. Before getting into building the digital products, we made sure we have a clear understanding of the behaviour, as well as the day-to-day tasks of both wind farms managers and administrators.

quality inspection tool design

UX/UI Design

Both the web and mobile applications developed for Lautec are tailored around the wind farming business logic and its particularities. We took the time to assess and understand every business-specific component of the platform, as well as the users that interact with it.

Having a clear picture of the business scenario and the users we were dealing with gave us a head start into creating the web and mobile applications flow. Our main goal was to come up with a versatile-enough & linear flow for the quality inspection of the wind turbines to happen seamlessly, be it online or offline.

We knew that the system had to be designed in such a way that it allowed customisation and the flexibility of managing inspections throughout the entire wind farm installation process. For that to happen we wanted to design an easy, hassle-free way for users to get through their daily lists of tasks and create reports, all, in a secure and non-compromised data environment.

RebelDot UX

Web Platform

The web component of the Q Module allows the management of inspections, as users can add lists of inspections and items. The system monitors and logs inspections in real-time, helping project administrators keep track of the inspection process.

The Lautec Q Web Platform allows users to have an overview of the lists of open points, manage and track closure of all open points across contracts including punch lists, non-conformities, defects and more. Advanced filtering helps users get full insight into the open points and sort them project-wide.

Users have access to real activity reports and dashboards that provide insights into the project portfolio level. They can export their reports to PDF, with advanced scope filtering.

Wind farm inspection web platform

Mobile Platform

Lautec’s Quality System helps digitalise any inspection process including site inspections, surveillance, audits, observations and registration of snag lists. Follow the open points throughout the lifecycle from inspection to closure and final resolution.

The mobile app allows users to inspect using their mobile phone, on-site. With wind farms being situated offshore, internet connectivity can be volatile. To make sure that users can benefit from the same functionality, regardless of internet connectivity, the Lautec Q Mobile Platform provides offline access and works in remote areas synchronizing data when connected to the internet.

“We have developed Lautec with the performance, scalability and usability as our main goals. The continuous feedback helped us understand end-users and to develop an app with complex functionalities but yet, easy to use. ”

Florin Lazau, Lead Mobile Developer at RebelDot

Lautec Q screen

Launch and maintenance

The development of the Q Module did not end after launch. We continued to refine the experience of the Q users, releasing new features and iterating on feedback.

You can find out more about Lautec’s products on their website.

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