Project management app

RVD – a digital product developed to streamline the work of an architecture team based in Cluj-Napoca.

The Project

Atelier RVD, an architecture and urban planning office based in Cluj-Napoca wanted to develop an app that would streamline the company’s workflow, considerably minimizing the time architects spent on admin tasks.

The goal was to help architects focus on their projects, without the hassle of filling out papers.

Services provided:

Business Analysis & Tech Advisory

Web App Development

Product Design

Launch and Maintenance

RVD project management app

The Challenge

Digitalizing the time-consuming processes of this company implied mutually agreeing on a set of main features. While the founders considered many potential features to be necessary, our expertise led us to believe that the less crowded, the more efficient the app would be. Hence, the challenge of this project was prioritizing the essential features before jumping into development.

architecture project management app

Our Approach

As part of the initial client review meetings, we developed two different POCs. One that contained all the features desired by the founders and one that was rather minimalistic and more intuitive. Presenting them both, eventually, we managed to reach an agreement on the less crowded version, by outlining its efficiency and seamless usage in contrast to the other one.

architecture digital product

Full product development

Although the app was initially thought of as a mobile-native one, in order to comply with a tight budget and a restrictive deadline, our team developed it as a cross-platform solution using React.

The project was developed in two iterations, following the two interfaces of the app – the admin one and the employee one.

For the admin interface, our team kicked off the development process digitalizing a series of day-to-day tasks which were meant to streamline the workflow and allow managers to supervise the projects and their employees’ progress.

The features implemented in this stage were adding new clients, supervising employee’s attendance, designing specific timelines for the upcoming projects, setting up deadlines, creating suppliers’ contact lists, setting up notifications, and generating personalized fields.

Once the more complex admin interface was done, the team moved on to developing the employee interface. With fewer features than the first one, this interface was designed to allow employees to complete their timekeeping sheets, access useful project reports, set notifications, and track their own progress.

maintenance architecture digital app

Launch and maintenance

To this day, the app is a central part of all RVD’s architects’ routine, as it has proven successful in reducing time spent on administrative tasks, encouraging their whole team to work more efficiently and have a clearer understanding of their clients’ backgrounds and the projects that they will collaborate on.

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