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AlphaTech – Gives users the ability to create their own customized applications in as little as 30 minutes.

The Project

AlphaTech’s mission is to make the creation and management of mobile apps an easy job. This is why they developed the AlphaPortal, a set of modular cloud-based services that allow users to design and build from simple to complex mobile applications, using over 40 modules.

App Builder Platform

Business Analysis & Tech Advisory

UI/UX Design


Web Development

The Challenge

AlphaTech wanted to provide an easy way for users to create their mobile applications with little to no technical knowledge. Since they already had a web platform that allowed app development but implied advanced technical skills, they decided to pivot the existing solution, refactoring the current flow and user experience to match the expectation of a new target market.


Our Approach

In building the AlphaPortal, we followed our software development process, starting with the UX/UI Design phase that included a comprehensive analysis focusing on the new target market, their needs, and expectations, followed by wireframing, prototyping and product development.

Analysis and discovery

We applied a user-centred design (UCD) methodology and worked in an iterative process backed by a comprehensive research phase. Iterations allowed us to define, design, and validate through rapid prototyping.

Together with the founder of Alphatech, we had a couple of discovery meetings that covered the business goals, the product vision and the problem their digital product was aiming to solve. To make sure that the product we wanted to build answered real user needs, we started by identifying the user’s personas of the AlphaPortal and building around their challenges and expectations.

Next, we moved on to rethinking and mapping out the new user flows and real-life user scenarios, solidifying the product development roadmap.

“RebelDot’s team had a lot of insights on best practices, so I valued their input when it came to the flow of each screen and how the interface should be implemented.”

Lorin Morar, Founder at Alphatech


It was important to make sure that AlphaTech’s new web application, the AlphaPortal, is, first and foremost, answering the real problems and needs of the users, specifically small business owners, influencers, bloggers, activists, programmers. Hence, in this phase, we concentrated on refining our understanding of the users mapping out their needs, motivations, frustrations, and goals.

UX Design

With research as a strong foundation, we started the process of designing wireframes and building the interactive prototype to validate assumptions and iterate the user flows.


User interface design

Once we agreed on the interactive experience of the users, we moved on to adding the AlphaTech branding elements to the design. To ensure a seamless interaction between the user and the platform, we designed a minimal look that allows space for creative thinking and customisation of the applications.


Web application development

The development of the AlphaPortal web application was done by following an Agile Methodology and a lean approach. With a cross-functional team on board, AlphaTech managed to deliver a solution that meets its users’ needs.

“Through a series of iterations, we managed to build a platform that adapts to users needs on the fly, and feels powerful both to regular and tech savvy users.”

Tamas Leb, UX & Product Design Lead at RebelDot


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The AlphaPortal offers their clients an easy and cost-efficient alternative to build their mobile application since December 2019. For a full overview of the platform, go to the Alphatech Portal.

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