Meal sharing app

Menushare – Enables distant peers to enjoy a meal together by sharing menus and payments.

The Project

Menushare is a web-based platform that allows distant friends, families and business peers to share a meal or drink as if at the same location, by enabling them to view shared menus, make a single or shared payment for the bill and communicate through video.

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The Challenge

MenuShare`s founder wanted to build a simple and intuitive application that allows family, friends, and business peers to enjoy a meal together, even if they are separated by long distances.

This meal sharing app closes the distance gap between different persons by creating a digital environment for them to connect and enjoy the act of dining as a proper social experience.


Our Approach

We guided our client towards a well-defined concept from the idea phase and helped him build a fully functional product. We started by describing in detail use cases, user personas with their needs and pain points, context, and user flows.

We had an iterative design approach, where the founder was involved and consulted throughout the entire process. Next, we moved to wireframing and later on to the mock-ups that helped our client see how the product will work and better understand the experience meant to deliver to its users.

Our UX team worked closely with the tech lead from the first phase to ensure that all the design elements and proposals are cost-effective.

“Based on my broad idea, RebelDot thoroughly walked me through the planning stages for our project before we began the development.”

Mirza Ahmad – Founder at Menushare


Web application development

The development of the Menushare application was done by following an Agile Methodology. Having a UX/UI design as the first approach helped our client gain clarity over his idea, the users of the application, context, and the experience he wanted to deliver.

The application was built for Android tablets and can be installed in restaurants to facilitate distant peers to connect in a joint session. The application allows participants to see the menus, order the food, and decide how the bill is paid. They can split the payments or leave it to be paid entirely by one participant.

For the experience to be completed, we included a video conferencing solution to reproduce the feeling of sharing a meal with peers, even if they are in different locations. This video conferencing solution is controlled from the tablet app, and it can start a video call, control the sound settings, and end the call.


We built a solution for the bill’s payment that allows the diners to enter the credit card details manually or use a card reader to swipe their card. The MenuShare solution handles the rest – entering the amount to be paid, as well as transferring the money from the diner to the restaurant.

The application also allows the restaurant management to administer the solution and join the Menushare network of restaurants, upload and update the menu, payment details for the restaurant, and other information for smoothening the participants’ process. For the administrative part, we built a web application in .NET MVC.


Launch and maintenance

The solution is on the market and you can find out more about this product at MenuShare.

Our collaboration with the Menushare team is still active, as we are actively involved in the maintenance and necessary updates of the application.

For a full review from the founder of Menushare you can visit our Clutch profile.

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