Maritime app

DanelecConnect – A maritime app for Intelligent and cost-efficient ship-2-shore data solutions.

The Project

Danelec Marine develops technologies to optimize the safety, cost and performance of marine operations. Based outside of Copenhagen, Denmark, the company is a leading manufacturer of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR), Electronic Chart Display & Information Systems (ECDIS) and ship-2-shore data solutions, with maritime apps installed on more than 6,000 vessels worldwide.

Services provided:

Product Management

Mobile Development

Quality Assurance

Launch and Maintenance

The Challenge

As a leading Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) manufacturer, Danelec Marine wanted to build a maritime app that enables ship managers to quickly identify issues and failures, monitor vessel KPIs, and integrate third-party data analytics to continuously improve their fleet and assets.

Our Approach

Danelec Marine reached out to us after receiving feedback from an existent RebelDot partner operating within the Green Energy sector. We initially started with a small team, working on the user experience and the technical improvements for the existing Danelec maritime app.

The collaboration kicked off with assessing the need and with a deep dive into the Danelec business, making sure to get a clear understanding of their goals.

Following an Agile approach, we started dosing development work into weekly sprints, allowing the product team to quickly respond to any changes and reach the market in a timely manner.

maritime industry tech

Product Design

The development process started with a Discovery Phase where, through expert questions and knowledgeable suggestions, we obtained a clear understanding of the project, target audience, users’ goals, business goals, technological constraints, quality requirements, functional and non-functional requirements.

Together with the team at Danelec Marine, we brainstormed use cases of the product, mapping out challenges, problems, and unplanned scenarios.

The design process kicked off with an iterative approach, where the stakeholders were involved and consulted throughout the entire process. 

The product design team worked closely with the tech lead from the first phase to ensure that all the design elements and proposals are cost-effective. Once the validation of the design was agreed, we went further with the development.   

maritime app dashboard

Mobile application development

Having decided to develop a simple and intuitive app that essentially helps people do their job better, we set on implementing only the following essential features: creating and managing a maintenance session and taking photos of equipment.

Following the success of our first collaboration, Danelec Marine wanted to extend the functionality of the mobile app to allow managing a file transfer system and carry out the maintenance of other Danelec digital products, DanelecMarine and VDR.

Working Agile, based on incremental releases, allowed us to validate and implement the following features to the app: login; upload zip file through an API; manage user settings.

While the development process was the same as for the first phase, the team was scaled further to 3 React Native developers, 1 .Net developer and a QA engineer. (plus designer in the early stages)

Launch and maintenance

The solution is on the market and you can find out more about this product at DanelecConnect.

Our collaboration with the Danelec team is still active, as we are actively involved in the maintenance and necessary updates of the platform.

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