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Eventmix – Easiest way to run virtual & hybrid events from your own website.

The Project

Eventmix is a web-based platform that allows users to run fully customizable and interactive virtual events directly on their website. Since any industry could benefit from a virtual eventthis digital solution was developed so that event organizers can take the technology hassle of their mind and focus on what matters most for their business: creating meaningful experiences for their audiences.  

Services provided:

Product Management

MVP Development

Web Development

Quality Assurance

Launch and Maintenance

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The Challenge

Crucial in launching ExentMix was delivering a widely customizable video streaming platform that could fit various industries, all in a tight deadline. Knowing that the pandemic forced most events to pivot to digital, we wanted to use this momentum. Hence, the biggest challenge was reducing time to market as much as possible, while developing a platform simple, yet versatile enough to work for any client.

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Our Approach

As a pre-established norm within our development processadopting an Agile approach allowed our team to quickly respond to any changes and reach the market in a timely manner.  

Working iteratively, from one event to another, the team managed to provide a seamless user experience from the very first event and gather insightful feedback for feature prioritization and further upgrades. 

Since the application included two interfaces, a dashboard for the event organizers and one for the participants, our team was split in two collaborating groups that developed both dashboards simultaneously, the Admin and the Client one.  

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MVP Development

With clients already enquiring about the product early in the process, for the first pilot event, the development team launched the MVP with an improvised back-end, due to time constraints.

This proved to be effective, as, beyond the favorable metrics and satisfactory client reviews, the team behind managed to gather important feedback which then supported them in articulating the whole architecture of the web-platform, as well as the backend component.

Following this first event, the developers kept updating the platform iteratively, from one event to another, working with tight deadlines and ensuring that each of their client’s specific needs were met.

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Full Product Development

The project kicked off using React Native, to create Client dashboard, adding a set of priority features such as streaming, the user chat, the registration or the sponsorships display.  

Once this was done, the development team moved on to designing the Admin part from scratch, using React to create the features that brought the fully customizable promise of the web platform to life.  

With features such as custom themes, interactive engagement, or integrations from various platforms just to name a few, Eventmix began to take shape gradually.  

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Launch and maintenance

The solution is on the market and you can find out more about this product at 

Our collaboration with the Eventmix team is still active, as we are actively involved in the maintenance and necessary updates of the platform.  

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