IoT Parking App

2Park – Your closest parking spot is a few taps away.

The Project

2Park is a mobile application that allows users to optimize the automated access to their parking and control who enters your parking. With the release of new features, the new version of the 2Park parking app also allows for parking payment for on-street, public and private parking.

Services provided:

Business Analysis & Tech Advisory

Product Design Revamp

Mobile App Development

Web App Development

Launch and Maintenance

The Challenge

2Park contacted RebelDot to help with the development of their IoT parking app. They initially approached us to help with a series of fixes within the already existing app.

challenge iot parking app

Our Approach

The engineering team at RebelDot conducted technical audits and started working on the fixes that were time-sensitive for the exiting users within the app, then moved on to developing new features within the application.

The development process was based on the Agile methodology, with the team adopting a proactive approach in structuring the workload in weekly sprints to ensure efficiency and quick response to change.


Full Product Development

Just as for any other project, RebelDot provided consultancy throughout the entire product development process, creating an environment that stimulated dynamic teamwork between all the parties involved in the project.

Once the critical issues within the application were marked as solved and there were no usability issues that interfered with the day-to-day usage of the app, the RebelDot team started to audit the exiting UI and UX and came with a series of changes that needed to be done.

While the project started with a fixing phase, RebelDot continued with a consultancy approach and is now the main technical team for 2Park.

The features developed as part of this IoT parking app are all quite straightforward, providing the user with a convenient process of finding parking and paying for it.

  • Find a parking spot is just a few clicks away.
  • Open the barrier directly from the app, when you wish to enter or exit the parking lot.
  • Register your card within the app and pay for parking automatically. Forget about parking meters and fines!

The main tech stack used for the development of this platform consisted of Python, React Native, React and Amazon Web Services.

product development 2park

Launch and maintenance

You can find the app available for free on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Our collaboration started in June 2020 and it is an ongoing collaboration.

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