In-app video advertising platform

Samba Networks – Revolutionizes the way in which users consume online advertising.

The Project

Samba re-defines video advertising for mobile, delivering superior engagement stats for brands, better yields for publishers, and more choice for viewers of brand advertising. Samba’s unique advertising product and underlying technology powering it, makes it possible to reach a 100M+ audience instantly, delivering a high-quality advertising experience.


Tech Advisory

UI/UX Design

Web Development

Mobile Development

The Challenge

Samba Networks revolutionizes how users consume online advertising. Considering that contemporary advertising is intrusive and often ineffective, Samba Networks set out to build a user-centric advertising platform with a clear value-exchange: Users choose to watch ads whenever they want, receiving various rewards in return for their undivided attention.

Our Approach

Since their product aimed to challenge the status quo in the advertising industry, our collaboration with Samba Networks was a perfect example of the Lean Approach and the Agile Methodologies. Thus, adaptability, quick problem solving, hypothesis testing, and technical consultancy were essential for an idea of this innovation to succeed.


Product Development

From the very beginning of our collaboration, we worked closely with the Samba Networks team to explore the limitations we were dealing within an industry, which, at that time, had an inefficient way of working.

In 2011, building Samba Networks digital products, Carousel and Selector, came with a mix of challenges and breakthroughs. It was about innovating in an industry that had its traditional ways of working. Hence we followed a lean approach, building in small iterations to come up with a few proofs of concept.

Samba Networks included PoCs for data format standardization, integrating 30+ 3rd party solutions in a time when there was little to no standardization in the industry. Also, it has incorporated real-time bidding using in-memory solutions, real-time analytics, guaranteed low-latency endpoints, a cost-effective architecture that can scale to hundreds of millions of transactions per month, data extraction, and much more.

“They’ve been extremely supportive of the business. We wouldn’t be where we are without them.”

Neil Patrick, Co-founder & CEO, Samba Networks.

Launch and maintenance

After the application was launched, the RebelDot team worked in parallel on the existing platform, offering maintenance and new features while constantly conducting R&D, hypothesis testing, and small PoCs to bring the product to the next level. Once an idea proved successful, it was moved to a Pilot phase to collect feedback and usage data, so that it can ultimately be improved and moved to a production-ready state.

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