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Carecircle – people-powered social network for healthcare to find help, hope and control.

The Project

Carecircle is the first independent global health platform which combines communities with crowd-based knowledge supported by learning algorithms and scientific data.

Based in Switzerland, it is a platform designed by scientists and technologists, to ensure a safe space where users own and decide how to manage their health data.

Setup by scientists and technologists to help people and their loved ones with health and wellbeing, carecircle is a research-based platform founded by a team of experts with academic backgrounds at institutions such as Cambridge university, Harvard, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich).

Services provided:

Business Analysis & Tech Advisory

Product Design

Mobile App Development

Launch and Maintenance

The Challenge

Carecircle reached out to us to help them build the platform, specifically focusing on the frontend development on the web, web mobile and native mobile, but also covering the product design and quality assurance stages of the project.

healthcare social platform

Full product development

We entered the project having already a kick-start, as a series of advanced wireframes were in place, which we then expanded.

Since the already existing platform was based on a Microsoft Azure architecture, our engineers were tasked with deploying .NET / Azure PaaS skills, as well as developing the frontend of both the web and mobile platform.

We, therefore, started developing the frontend with a multi-disciplinary team, initially working on the responsive web format and subsequently moving to native mobile, taking the product forward as a mobile-first.

A CI/CD pipeline with automated testing was also used so that Agile development best practices could be dispatched. By the beginning of December, we delivered a Minimum Viable Product which was then evolved subsequently based on early adopter user feedback.

The project is now moving forward into the next phase with a significant product pipeline and user numbers are starting to scale rapidly around the world which allows us to continually integrate user feedback.

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carecircle enables users to connect with others who have similar conditions, to quickly find answers to health and wellness questions, to diagnose symptoms, to share stories and find treatment options through crowd-sourced knowledge, health tools and access to medical practitioners.

carecircle allows people to take back control of their health and feel that they are never alone in their health journey.


Share your story to help others

Everything carecircle does is inspired by and will be created by members just like you. The experience of many is a valuable resource for those who are still looking for advice and treatment options.

Sharing your health story will help others in a similar situation and create a learning health community.


Connect with the carecircle community

Connect with other members and benefit from their expertise and find out about the latest developments in treatments and care.


Connect with other caretakers

Whether you are already caring for someone, or you are facing an acute situation, right now you need help, hope and a sense of control.

Get access to a private community of health rooms and connect with other carers for comfort and advice.


Share your health journey

Finding the right health information online can be overwhelming and confusing. And very often it can make you feel worse.

Use a safe space to connect on health topics. You can start a journal or reach out to other members anonymously.


Check out health and wellbeing

Whether you are interested in weight loss, fitness, nutrition or mental health, this is the place to track your health journey and connect with like-minded people.

carecircle is an independent health platform with no advertising. You can use the journaling function with user-managed privacy and data control.

health and wellness platform

Launch and maintenance

carecircle has raised $2m in pre-seed funding to date and recently launched in 158 countries.

As a member of the Microsoft for Startups program and the exclusive Microsoft Pegasus accelerator program for future unicorns, carecircle and Microsoft are partnering to take a lead in consumer healthcare around the world.

carecircle is currently scaling its user community and is poised to become the largest, most trusted consumer health and wellness platform in the world.

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