Grundfos Digital technology platform

Grundfos – supporting the biggest water pump manufacturer in the world in their process of digital transformation.

The Project

Grundfos is a company that connects millions of people, being present in more than 60 countries, ensuring water access and leading the change within some of the world’s biggest agendas on water and energy.

As a large enterprise, Grundfos wanted to scale up their development capabilities by getting onboard a technical partner which could help them with their digital development process, building together towards the vision of achieving positive global change.

Services provided:

Business Analysis & Tech Advisory

Product Design

Mobile App Development

Launch and Maintenance

The Challenge

The Grundfos team found us after undergoing a thorough selection process of first country, city and company. Out of multiple significantly larger and older software development companies, we eventually rose at the top of the shortlist, matching the competence level, flexibility, cost and beyond everything, culture that the Grundfos team was looking for.

Our collaboration started off as a close partnership meant to support Grundfos in boosting their digital strategy of developing multiple digital IoT offerings within all their four customer segments. Thanks to a deep sense of trust resulted after the two trips we all had to each of our offices, we worked on equal terms as the Grundfos internal teams, sometimes as a supplementary team, other times even as the main development team.


Team Collaboration

From creating a service portal where multiple IoT devices/assets can be operated, to developing consumer native apps and digital offerings to integrate with larger industrial systems, we rolled our sleeves and displayed our commitment on numerous projects, aiming to fully deliver on the digitalization promise.

The end-to-end development approach was clearly visible in this collaboration as we didn’t back down from taking part in any stage of the projects that the internal Grundfos team did. E.g. requirements breakdown, design, development, test, deployment, customer feedback etc.

Throughout the past year, Michael together with Ioana, our Delivery Director have onboarded at best 20 to 25 of our engineers working as (native/frontend/backend) developers, designers, testers and scrum-masters. Positions has been from juniors to seniors/leads.


Ways of working

Aiming to maintain an effective/fruitful collaboration, we have employed an Agile approach, structuring our workload in 2-week sprints that were followed by regular Demos. Our stand-ups have always included relevant stakeholders & Product Owners, which created the valuable opportunity to address any challenges in a timely manner and at the appropriate level.

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