Daily Progress Reporting app

Lautec DPR – provides an industry standard for daily progress reporting based on combined learnings from across the wind power industry.

The Project

Working as consultants for global wind power projects, Lautec identified a need amongst their clients which we then developed into a digital product together: a daily progress reporting system that enables full project transparency, helping users to keep track of progress on tasks during the installation of large-scale, offshore wind turbines. 

The DPR system setup is fully flexible, making it suitable for all kinds of work activities. Especially for works with repetitive activities, such as surveys, wind power projects, and PV projects. 

Few of the clients that are using DPR today are Ørsted, Triton Knoll or Moray East. 

Services provided:

Business Analysis & Tech Advisory

Product Design

Web App Development

Launch and Maintenance

The project

The Challenge

Although this system was mainly targeted at project administrators and suppliers, the main challenge of developing DPR was to make it as configurable as possible.

Identifying the main user was an insightful process, but within an industry as complex as wind power, it was clear from the beginning that projects were going to differ from each other. That’s why our solution had to meet every requirement and need, allowing for real-time, fact-based decision-making from fabrication to operations, no matter the nature of the project.

Lautec DPR offshore wind farm

Our Approach

After receiving the scope and specifications from the stakeholders at Lautec, together with one of our product designers and the development team, we set to design the wireframes and then, based on that, a functional prototype for a product that could aid the entire installation process of global large-scale offshore wind turbines.

Following a Lean Approach and an Agile Methodology, the development of the DPR system was done in small, fact-based iterations.

The team took daily activities and tasks within the development and installation of large-scale wind turbines and created a system that helps project representatives keep track of the progress and have an overview of the daily reports, covering a 24 hours’ time frame.

Lautec DPR UX

Full Product Development

We covered the end-to-end development process of the Lautec modules, from product design to development, quality assurance, user testing, launch and maintenance.

Narrowing down the many functionalities of this platform to a single major one, we knew that DPR had to allow users to set up projects within the platform and add traceable activities to it.

Doing so, project administrators could define the main tabs and actions to track within a day, as well as export daily reports to their devices in PDF formats and add summaries and other attachments to the original reports.

We kicked off the process by dividing the Lautec DPR system into sections, based on user stories.

Developing the MVP, our team initially focused on filling the main user’s need of registering data, rather than managing projects. This was done in order to first validate the use case while conforming to a limited budget and a strict time-frame.

Following this stage, we carried on with a set of major development improvements to bring the finite product to market through an iterative approach.

Eventually, the team managed to develop the feature which made DPR truly stand out, transforming it into a web platform that operates offline.

“Their team develops software products that are well-designed and very stable. Their dedication and flexibility enable them to manage several projects simultaneously. Using a collaborative and transparent approach, RebelDot ensures that development processes run smoothly and efficiently..”

Anders Pihlkjaer, CEO, Lautec.

The project

Launch and maintenance

The partnership with Lautec`s team began in December 2015 and, to this day, the DPR system is still maintained and expanded by the RebelDot team.

DPR provides an industry standard for daily progress reporting based on solid expertise from across the industry. For a full overview of the platform, visit the Lautec DPR official website.

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