All-in-One compliance platform

Compleye – Making compliance (almost) fun.

The Project

Compleye is an Agile platform which delivers actionable and objective insights to technology-driven companies, assisting them in all their compliance challenges.

The aim of this compliance platform was to enable smarter decisions and stronger performance on organizations’ security & privacy priorities without compromising on quality.

Services provided:

Business Analysis & Tech Advisory

Product Design

Web Development

Launch and Maintenance

The Challenge

The team at Compleye reached out to us to help them develop an online tool that could improve the efficiency and effectiveness of compliance.

It has always been a real challenge for large enterprizes as well as SMBs to successfully obtain safety certifications. The reason being a ton of documents that need to be stored and managed and a process that was anything but streamlined.

So the question was: How do you leverage technology to support product-based companies in working more efficiently towards obtaining certifications such as ISO27001?

compliance platform

Our Approach

The project was initially envisioned as a means to declutter the founder’s life and support Karolin Kruiskamp in managing her own customers and their various needs.

With a background of 25 years in organisational design and 15 years of experience in the Tech Start-up industry, she encountered her first compliance challenge in 2017.

The main pain points which we addressed were losing time in sorting through hundreds of documents and using different platforms for different small tasks.

Basically, spending more time piercing a lot of separate elements together instead of using the data to articulate solutions to the clients’ problems.

Compleye and RebelDot in Amsterdam

Analysis and discovery

We kicked off the project with 4 discovery workshops to gather all the necessary data and begin ideating the main features of the platform.

Perhaps the most impactful thing we did was to prepare well in advance so that we knew exactly what had to be done for the first 6 months of the process.

Following the discovery workshops, we went through a design workshop which resulted in a clickable prototype.

This prototype was then developed into an MVP whose main function was to allow the current clients of Karolin to migrate towards an online platform and take off the burden of multiple tools complicating a process that was supposed to be easy and fast.

As part of our consultant approach, formally known as CTO as a Service, we committed to being fully transparent throughout the entire end-to-end process, delivering on time and being reliable.

compliance dashboard

Web application development

The brief was quite straightforward: make compliance (almost) fun. Fun as in easy to use and entertaining for the compliance officers and the people in charge of these processes.

To do so, we used the concept of gamification as part of our newly developed platform. Specifically, we created a dashboard that presented stats and insights in a user-friendly and intuitive mean.

All the features we have developed were thought of as features that could deliver value from just one simple click so that compliance officers can have a great operational value.

Today, Compleye allows its users to:

  • Track changes throughout the certification process by using an Activity Log
  • Provide a lean approach to certification
  • Reduce documentation
  • Customize their Information Security Management System
  • Manage & maintain ISMS in one place
  • Provide an Incident Management System
  • Act as a vendor management & assessment tool
  • Store policies in one place
  • Reduce the use of multiple tools & data storage tools
compliance app report

Launch and maintenance

Following the soft launch of the platform, we have engaged in a continuous development process which we are still doing to this day. 

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