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Have you heard about all the buzz around blockchain? Have you asked people around you and all you get are thousands of different blockchain definition? It looks interesting for you and your business, but you are not sure about its potential? Don’t worry. You are not the only one. With our blockchain trainings, we`ll make things crystal clear for you.

Blockchain Training Packages

You can choose any package which is suitable for you.


  • Understand what Blockchain is
  • Learn more about how it works
  • Understand why it has become a buzz word
  • Clarify if it's the right technology for your business
  • Discover who is currently using it
  • Get a few tips and tricks about how you can start implementing it
  • Hear some insights about the future of blockchain



  • Receive private consultancy from our trainer
  • Make sure your team understand the blockchain’s ABC
  • Get personalized solutions for business


  • Understand the main key words about Blockchain
  • Learn how Blockchain applies in your industry
  • Start a to do list for Blockchain implementation

Meet our Trainer

Hi! I’m Norbert and I’m here to help you demystify blockchain.

I have over 10 years of experience on working with various clients, from different industries, around the world. When we will meet you will see that I’m a perfectionist – excellence in every piece of code and information that I deliver is what defines me the most, people enthusiast and problem solver. During the trainings I will take you through the blockchain journey and help you identify if is suitable for you and your business. Can’t wait to meet you and to figure out more about this technology.

Are you interested in Blockchain technology?

Why train with RebelDot

Rebel Approach

Norbert is a true Rebel. The way he delivers the message will make you feel like answering directly to all your unspoken questions.

Worldwide Experience

Over 10 years’ experience in all sorts of industries is our business card. Over 10 years’ experience in all sorts of industries is our business card.

Blockchain Certified

We are the only Eastern Europe partner of Blockchain Training Alliance and Norbert is the first certified Blockchain Software Architect.